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“Having met some actors from LegalAliens, I was awestruck by their enthusiasm. 
Their starting point, the themes and the way they embrace their work are definitely to be encouraged. Be brave!

You are in a country that has always been open to new ideas and culturally fervent projects.  SUERTE! And a big hug.” 

Dario Fo, Nobel Prize winner

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migrant, female-led, international theatre


From devised works to contemporary plays in translation, from adaptations to shows co-created with local communities, we create engaging, entertaining performances with an international flavour.



A strange island where people are scared of "The Others". They spend their days making fog to make their country impenetrable.
Bizarre politicians arguing about slogans. 

Paper boats, of all sizes and colours.  

Who is the real threat? 

After the success of Ali In Wonder(Eng)land, we will return to Jacksons' Lane with another surreal, hilarious, yet deeply touching piece devised and created by participants in LegalAliens' free classes for refugees and migrants


JULY 6-7, 2024, 7:30 PM

LegalAliens theatre is a theatre of sanctuary, commited to welcoming to all those seeking refuge

We are committed to creating a culture of solidarity, understanding and compassion, reaching across divides and platforming the voices that urgently need to be heard.

LegalAliens Theatre is a Theatre of Sanctuary, committed to welcoming all those seeking refuge.

migrant, female-led, international theatre

Empowering Migrant Artists and
Breaking Down Barriers with the Power of Theatre

★★★★★ Raw-edged and relevant

London Pub Theatres

About us

Read more about LegalAliens theatre - international, women, migrant-led ensemble based in North London

★★★★ Confident theatrical imagination (A Younger Theatre)

★★★★ Very funny and sophisticated (West End Wilma)

Welcome to LegalAliens, where the stage is a platform for celebrating diversity and exploring new perspectives.

At the core of our vision is a theatre that includes migrants as artists, creatives, participants and audiences, and foregrounds creative women, onstage and off.

We make thought-provoking and entertaining theatre that reflects the world we live in, drawing on our artists’ rich, layered and original experiences to create unique and captivating performances.

migrant, female-led, international theatre

LegalAliens Theatre

Legal address: 2 Northwood Road, London N6 5TN | LegalAliens Theatre is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales 

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