Things I am Not is podcast series and digital platform featuring 10 original audio monologues each written and performed by a female artist who has migrated to the United Kingdom.
Recognising the stereotypes often projected onto migrant women, we’ve asked artists to respond to the theme in the style they prefer
Join us for a festival of complexity and self-definition!

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LegalAliens runs a wide range of workshops

Free workshops for migrants and Refugees

Language through theatre

Passport London (discover your potential as an international actor)

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Find out more about past and present productions by LegalAliens theatre

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We laughed so much tonight improvising on the theme of Ali(en) in Wonderland with our community group at @stf_engineroom
We used a very peculiar script as inspiration…

Thank you! We love the Engine Room! We will be back this evening 6.45pm for our free theatre classes. They’re dedicated to migrants and refugees but also open to anyone in the local community who wants to express their creativity and perform!

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“Having met some actors from LegalAliens, I was awestruck by their enthusiasm. Their starting point, the themes and the way they embrace their work are definitely to be encouraged. Be brave! You are in a country that has always been open to new ideas and culturally fervent projects.  SUERTE! And a big hug.”

Dario Fo, Nobel Prize winner