Let’s clarify… the name is ironic.

No one on Earth is an alien and no human being is ever “illegal”.

LegalAliens is a women-led ensemble of international theatre-makers who have made the UK their home. 

We collaborate with artists from any background, irrespective of ethnicity, language, or nationality. Most of our work is in direct response to the need for migrant theatre-makers to feel seen and represented. We recognise the term “migrant” sits at the intersection of many identities, carrying different types of privilege and we are keen to represent and include that diversity in our practice.

Our aesthetics marries a Brechtian interest in social/political theatre with a “contemporary European” approach. Our productions mix text with multimedia and physical theatre to give audiences an immersive experience. We consider theatre a bridge between cultures and our collaborative approach to translation foregrounds the importance of the original language in the translated text.

As an ensemble rooted in our North London community, we use theatre as a tool to foster inclusion through an array of workshops and free classes for migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and anyone who can’t afford traditional theatre classes.


LegalAliens runs a wide range of workshops

Free workshops for migrants and Refugees

Language through theatre

Passport London (discover your potential as an international actor)

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“Having met some actors from LegalAliens, I was awestruck by their enthusiasm. Their starting point, the themes and the way they embrace their work are definitely to be encouraged. Be brave! You are in a country that has always been open to new ideas and culturally fervent projects.  SUERTE! And a big hug.”

Dario Fo, Nobel Prize winner

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