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LegalAliens is a company limited by guarantee and we don’t make any profit.  Whatever we make, we reinvest completely in our projects so if you support our work, please consider donating.



Lara Parmiani - Founder/Artistic Director - founded the LegalAliens Theatre in 2011 to provide a platform for foreign-born and migrant artists to express their unique perspectives. 

Since then the company has collaborated with a variety of artists and theatre-makers, each bringing their original practice and point of view. LegalAliens can rely on a pool of over 20 artists from all over the world. 


Legal address: 2 Northwood Road, London N6 5TN | LegalAliens Theatre is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales 

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At the core of LegalAliens' vision is a theatre that includes migrants as artists, creatives, participants and audiences and foregrounds creative women, onstage and off. 

Based in Haringey, one of London's most diverse boroughs, our goal is to harness our city's diversity and create theatre that reflects the complex intersection between migrant and international.

Our style blends Brecht's socio-political theatre with a captivating visual approach incorporating text, multimedia, and physical theatre. Our shows are imaginative and unafraid to tackle sensitive themes but with irony,
humanity, and great theatricality. 

We have also pioneered a rehearsal-based translation methodology foregrounding the importance of the original language in the English text, resulting in productions of foreign plays that never erase the culture that created them. 

Since 2018, we have created a free, safe, weekly space at The Engine Room in Tottenham Hale for migrants and refugees to make theatre together. This project, unique in the U.K., has earned us Theatre of Sanctuary status.

 We are proud to have solidarity and inclusion as our core mission.


Haringey Welcome

Haringey Welcome is a grassroots group dedicated to fighting for fairness and equality for all.

Migrants in Theatre

We’re cofounder of the first U.K. wide organisation dedicated to lobbying for inclusion and representation of migrants on British stages

Migrant Dramaturgies Network

A Transnational collective of theatre professionals, researchers and cultural workers developed in partnership with New Tides Platform

Migration Matters

Migration Matters is a festival taking place every June during refugee week in Sheffield

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is a migrant led company dedicated to producing plays in translation

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Exchange Theatre

Exchange Theatre is a migrant led company dedicated to international and bilingual work

Read More

The Engine Room Tottenham

The Engine Room Tottenham Hale is at once a church, a community centre, a café and a nursery all in one location in the heart of Hale Village

Read More

Haringey Adult Learning

Haringey Learns is a free adult education programme helping residents upskill, change career paths, or do something different later in life.

Counterpoints Art

Counterpoints Art is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting refugee and migrant artist

New Diorama Theatre

New Diorama is the most influential studio theatre in the UK, creating new theatre that tours to audiences across the world. 

Barons Court Theatre

The Barons Court Theatre is W14's local theatre with a global perspective - offering dynamic revivals and new writing, live music, comedy, and magic.

Theatre of Sanctuary

Theatres are at the heart of our communities. When a theatre makes a commitment to show solidarity and welcome to those seeking sanctuary, it has far reaching positive effects.

Our Partners & Supporters


Performance Maker/Director: Becka McFadden 
Assistant Director/Workshop Leader: Angela Poulima
Creative Producer: Amy Sze
Facilitators: Sara Corso Hester Welch

Projection Design: Edalia Day



Actors: Luiana Bonfim, Yasmeen Ghrawi, Emmanuela Lia, Mark Ota, Fed Zanni, Stelios Stravos, Stasha Dulic

Designers: Julien Bernard-Grau, Laura Rouzet, Cieranne Kennedy-Bell, Edalia Day, Jesus Leon


Creatives:  Eva Daníčkova (dramaturg), Jon Millington (Assistant Director), Deidan Williams (Playwright)



Web Design: Daiva Dominyka 

Graphic Design: Yonekura Miku

Production Assistant: Milly Sattamino

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