Sep 30 2022,

A poetic exploration of gaining and losing language – and yourself

Language shapes us from the moment we’re born, offering tools for articulating who we are. But what happens when the bond between native language and speaker loosens enough to let another language in? 
Shapeshifting, through a mix of text, music and physical theatre, explores the fragmentation of a life lived in a state of limbo, where one is never fully here nor there. 
Supported by Migration Matters Festival
“…we leave bits of home along the way, shed them like skin, scatter them, and in the end, we just have a skeleton left. Bones. Random bits, mixed with new bits we have picked en route without noticing. And some of those bits we shed are words.”
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Available to book for dates in 2022/23

Length: 50 minutes

Directed by:
Becka McFadden

Written and performed by
Lara Parmiani