The idea behind our method is that inhibitions and fears – that often kick in when we try to speak a foreign language – are easily forgotten when playing a character. Students are focused purely on the situation, on how to communicate, on the story to tell, and feel more compelled to actively express themselves.

Also, releasing physical tension, playing, moving, singing, are all ways to see the foreign language as a moment of fun and communication. Finally, working as a group towards a performance, helps confidence and encourages team building.

Our workshops focus on:

  • Widening vocabulary, especially every day language, through improvisation and games using objects and real life situations
  • Practising expressive, natural speech through short scenes
  • Looking at grammar in context, repeating patterns to memorise basic structures
  • Confidence building through acting and performing in group
  • Rehearsing short scenes from plays in target language to practice more complex patterns (intermediate-advanced)
  • Using dramatisation to work on pronunciation and intonation (advanced)
  • Exploring different accents to practice listening comprehension (advanced)

We offer workshops for students of



ENGLISH as a foreign language

Each workshop lasts 2 hours and is led by two experienced practitioners. All material is provided. We can also provide teachers with copies of the texts we used for further practice.

Sessions can be booked as a one off or as a series of 3 with a short final performance

Ideal number is 15-20 pupils (but we can accept bigger or smaller groups), who, after a warm-up, will be divided into smaller groups.

Activities include:

Physical warm up in target language

Language specific theatre games

Group impros

Role playing

For advanced students we offer more complex sessions, with learning objectives focused on AS and A2 syllabus. To this end, the workshops will focus on topics such as immigration, relationships or racism. Some dramatic texts by famous playwrights in the target language might also be included.


Identical in approach to the Italian and French sessions but aimed at international students wishing to improve their English. Through theatre games, improvisations, role playing and – for the advanced – scene work using classic British plays, we encourage students to overcome their fears, practice pronunciation as well as grammar, and have fun whilst improving their speaking skills.

We offer three levels: Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced.

All our workshops can be adapted to meet specific needs. We’re also happy to offer workshops to adult learners, university students and migrants/refugees

All our workshops can be adapted to meet your specific needs in terms of contents and level. We’re also happy to offer workshops to adult learners, university students and migrants/refugees

For inquiries and bookings please contact

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