10 episodes, 10 artists, countless assumptions, a polyhedron of women’s voices from across the globe reclaiming their uniqueness: welcome to Things I Am Not, our new podcast series!

At the heart of the project are 10 original ten-minute-long “stories”, each written and performed by a female artist who has migrated to the United Kingdom. Recognising the stereotypes often projected on migrant women, ranging from exotic seductress to benefit scrounger, we have asked artists to respond to the theme Things I’m Not starting from a first-person point of view, but free to mix personal experience and fiction, drama, and comedy. 

Each story will be accompanied by original digital artwork by French artist Laura Rouzet.

Hosted on the website thingsimnot.com from the 1st of MARCH 2021 and available for download weekly on all major platforms, the monologues are unfiltered reflections about all the micro-aggressions and prejudices migrant women face daily.  

Every week listeners will be invited to submit their own responses (text, poetry, video, audio, images, drawings), and the website will progressively grow into a digital gallery featuring a conversation between artists and audiences.  


Things I Am Not will be available from download from March 1st

Produced and commissioned by LegalAliens Theatre 

Producing Artistic Director: Lara Parmiani
Concept: Emmanuela Lia
Director: Becka McFadden
Audio: Carlo Cristiani
Music: Angelina Rud and Martin Bakero
Website design: Daiva Dominyka
Artwork: Laura Rouzet
Social media: Catharina Conte

Monologues written and performed by: Yasmeen Ghrawi, Lanna Joffrey, Gael Le Cornec, InYoung Lee, Emmanuela Lia, Becka McFadden, Lara Parmiani, Sabrina Richmond, Miray Sidhom, Mai Weisz

Things I’m Not is funded by Arts Council England and supported by New Diorama and Migrant Dramaturgies Network. With thanks to Counterpoint Arts, The Engine Room Tottenham, and The Hope Project.