Hello LegalAliens’ friends!

Since our podcast and interactive website Things I Am Not has been such an incredible success (thanks to all of you who have listened, downloaded and interacted with it), we thought you might like to know what the artists involved in it are doing, and perhaps check some of their work.

So here we go…


PANDEMIC OF LOVE, a play written and performed by Inyoung Lee.

South Korean-born Inyoung had never written in English before Things I Am Not. But now, after the great feedback received for her monologue I Am Not OK, she has written and produced a whole play, Pandemic of Love.

This two-hander premiered at the Museum of Comedy as part of Camden Fringe Festival, to a sold-out house, performed by Inyoung and Alex Bell, and directed by Gustavo Dias-Vallejo. Beginning as a light comedy about a South Korean woman new to London and an Englishman who found themselves forced to live together after a brief romance because of a sudden new lockdown, it develops into a surreal drama about the dichotomy between feeling “alien” and “owning” a place, the sense of isolation of the migrant woman versus the arrogance of the native man.

The Camden Fringe show was a first scratch performance and Inyoung is now further developing the text in view of more performances in 2022. We felt the play could grow even darker (what is really going on outside? Who is the man calling on the phone?) and develop the claustrophobic feeling generated by the forced cohabitation.

We particularly loved the parts where Korean and English are spoken at the same time, the non-linear narrative is intriguing, and the moments of physical sexy comedy hilarious (at LegalAliens we love surreal renditions of sex scenes, see our Poker Face!). Both actors were believable and managed to portray the complexity of their characters. So well done to all the team!



SHOWOFF, a podcast hosted and directed by Becka McFadden.

Our Associate Artistic Director has clearly enjoyed podcasting with Things I Am Not so much (after writing and performing Both/And and directing the whole series), she is back with another one!

ShowOff is a podcast by Prague’s Arts and Theatre Institute that addresses the performing arts’ sensitivity and response to current professional and social issues. We highly recommend it to those who are interested in points of view about theatre that perhaps go beyond the British scope.

Each episode “shows off” a hot topic of discussion amongst performing arts professionals and works to highlight emerging trends within and beyond Central Europe. Becka McFadden has been involved with ShowOff as a translator since the podcast launched earlier this year and is directing the current run of episodes, beginning with Episode 8, a discussion on digital theatre and the lessons learned and insights gained during the first eighteen months of the pandemic.

Dramaturgy: Martina Pecková Černá and Co. 

Production: Barbora Comer 

Soundesign: Valtteri Alanen

Listen here: https://showoffen.simplecast.com/episodes/screening-theatre and visit www.performczech.cz for more information.


FROM THE DAUGHTER OF A DICTATOR a play written and performed by Yasmeen Ghrawi

Another work in progress, another very dark comedy by and with the amazing Yasmeen Ghrawi, a queer Iraqi/Syrian/Assyrian theatre-maker who gripped our listeners with her monologue Strategy of Rupture.

Yasmeen lived and cautiously thrived under a dictatorship for almost two decades. Now she provocatively and flirtatiously questions how truly democratic the UK is. Do we, the people, have any power? And do we even want it?

Expect rawness, complexity, and uncompromising honesty. But also feel free to laugh out loud. Because yes, migrants, refugees, and people who have survived the worst, can actually be very funny, fierce and loud.

From the daughter of a dictator is on at the Arcola Theatre on Sunday October 24 at 8.30 pm and Sunday October 31 at 3:00 pm & 8.30 pm.

You can book here

That’s all for now, next month we will publish more updates

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