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Lara Parmiani
Artistic Director

Italian-born, half-Jewish, but a Londoner since 1997, Lara is a quintessential migrant artist, influenced by all the people and places she's met on her journey. An actor, dramaturg, director and facilitator with over two decades of theatre experience, she is the founder and Artistic Director of LegalAliens.

Her practice is very much inspired by Peter Brook and Augusto Boal, and focused on finding a physical and visual approach to text as well as making theatre that is truly "necessary" and not just a form of entertainment. As an actor, she has worked across all genres from the classics to musicals, physical theatre to new writing. As a director, she has long experience in devising with large community groups - her knowledge as a dramaturg playing a role in her ability to weave together material generated by performers/participants. In addition to her theatre work, Lara is an award-winning voice-over artist.

Becka McFadden
Associate AD

Becka is an artist now based in Prague, Czech Republic. She directs plays, performs and makes contemporary performance at the intersection of dance, theatre and live art for theatres, galleries and site-specific spaces. Becka views live performance as a chance to experience qualities of time and presence that are usually inaccessible in our daily lives.

Movement research, drawing on, practices from dance and theatre, including butoh, choreology and Viewpoints, is at the heart of her work. Her approach to dramaturgy is both intuitive and rigorous, and informed by felt sense and embodied reading and writing techniques. In addition to working with LegalAliens, she is the founder and artistic director of Beautiful Confusion Collective.


LegalAliens Theatre is a Theatre of Sanctuary, committed to welcoming to all those seeking refuge.

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